Learn copywriting backwards

“Should I click your CTA button…
or should I click my back button?”

…said every prospect who left your site without converting

Get success right at the point when they’re answering this question. My 5-day crash course explains the highest-leverage tweaks for increasing CTA clicks—including how a single word lifted conversions by 90%.

(At the same time, you’ll acquire 80% of the skills for writing magnetic headlines—because they share 80% of their DNA with calls to action.)

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What you get

It’s one lesson by email each day. How you study is up to you:

  • Read the lessons on your tablet or computer
  • Listen to the mp3s
  • Print them out to read in a comfy armchair

Guaranteed: straight-shooting tips you can actually use

Let me be blunt. You can’t move on the internet these days without stepping in the swill from a so-called guru. If you’re wondering whether this crash-course is any different—whether it’s even worth looking at—here are a few comments I’ve gotten from customers. Excuse the colorful language, but I think it gets the point across pretty well:

I love no-nonsense, zero BS marketing advice and boy do you give it – in shed loads.

I signed up for your emails and I’m really enjoying them. This shocked me really, as I tend to unsubscribe from anybody’s mailing list as soon as I’ve downloaded and read the (usually useless) report they sucked me into downloading. I really enjoy the tone of both your website and your emails and the straightforward language you use — it’s such a refreshing change from the four-hour this or the awesome-that, which are usually absolute shit.

You’re no-nonsense, straightforward, and honest about what you do. You don’t pull any punches on what you think, and when you give advice or commentary, it’s usually decently insightful and/or funny.

There are currently only two lists that email daily that I’ve stayed on – yours and Seth Godin.

I got these comments through an anonymous survey using Google Forms, so I don’t know the names of the people who made them. But why not find out for yourself if they’re right? Enroll for your free tweaks below.

D Bnonn Tennant
Copywriting coach & conversion consultant
Information Highwayman