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Infallibly predict if you’re about to fail at learning copywriting with these 3 questions…

Bnonn Tennant, copy & marketing coach

Copy & marketing coach, Bnonn Tennant

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should know this:

These are all symptoms of a critical part of your brain’s survival circuitry going into lockdown mode.
When this happens you cannot progress on the task before you.

People like Seth Godin call this brain circuitry your “lizard brain”. The “ancient” part of your brain that handles basic emotion and decision-making—and especially the fight-or-flight response.

Mr. Lizard is a sophisticated filter to help us make quick decisions without getting overloaded—or killed. But in the modern world, sometimes he gets confused.

For example, if you take on an intimidating task—like creating a sales funnel and writing copy for it—Mr. Lizard tries to help by treating it as dangerous. To protect your survival, he goes into flight or freeze mode. All your subconscious machinery is devoted to stopping or running away from the project.

The more you think or read about it, the more overwhelmed you feel…and the more firmly Mr. Lizard goes into flight or freeze mode. He never wants to attack that problem.

And when your subconscious mind never intends to let you actually achieve your goal, you never will.


This is your lizard brain

Your lizard brain (it lost its tail!)

This is your lizard brain learning copywriting & marketing

Scared lizard brain (it lost its tail!)


Right now, I’d put money on your lizard brain being in “flight” or “freeze” mode. You don’t tend to notice because it is subconscious. But the symptoms I asked about above are a dead giveaway.

Unfortunately, even when you know what’s going on, Mr. Lizard cannot be overcome by willpower alone.
You have to change your approach.

If you stick with your current approach, in 4 months you’ll be no better off than you are right now. I’d place money on it. You will realistically be no closer to a complete, working funnel.

You might feel closer. But you won’t be.

If you change your approach, in four months you can have a complete, working funnel. I guarantee it. That’s what this program is for.

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