Learn copywriting backwards

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Marketing’s ‘accepted truths’ -debunked!


Bnonn’s course is crammed full of ‘gold nuggets’ for you to apply to your business sales & marketing. In this course he gives the ‘accepted truths’ of marketing a shake down, counters them with bucket loads of facts & real world case studies to prove his methods are perfectly crafted for modern day marketing. Follow the course through and reap the rewards. Money well spent!

The Best Decision I’ve made ever


I was not a confident copywriter. As I tried Bnonn’s free LCB module, I realized this is what I was looking for. Subscribing to this course gave me a whole new perspective on Copywriting. Each lesson improved my understanding & skills in writing sales copy & emails. Now whenever I see any sales, email or website copy, it takes a few seconds for me to see how to highlight benefits, cut the flab, and improve the structure. Finally, how to offer the value to my prospect. The courses cover each part of sales copy & reveal a set of simple techniques to create it. It shows you how to present your offer in the most effective way. Practicing few lessons were challenging for me. But Bnonn’s prompt replay & comments made it easier. By the end, I gained a perfect writing foundation and more confidence. Copywriting is much easier now. I highly recommended LCB. Just arm yourself with patience and hard-work. Believe me, the fruit will remain with you forever.

Easy to follow course

Rod Hall

This course is genius. You start with the end, taking small steps into more complex topics and concepts. I found the material was easy to retain and looked forward to each lesson. You need to keep careful track of the homework you have completed. You will refer back to previous lessons often. This course fit my learning style perfectly.

A fantastic program

Wim Nijenberg

In addition to copywriting help the program included many other helpful tips for website owners. The lessons are mailed every few days (which is very good) but you may need some more time to complete the lessons for your own site. In addition, all questions I emailed to Bnonn were answered very quickly. Because of time constraints I studied the whole program first and now start redoing my own site. The main thing that I learned is that I have to redo my website completely and hopefully make it a lot more productive. Thanks Bnonn.

Useful, Content-Rich course

Brijinder Singh

It does no good to separate writing well from thinking clearly or from persuading effectively. They are interwoven like DNA strands. Still most writers, teachers lose sight of this. I love the way Bnonn has interwoven writing, psychology and persuasion in his Learn ‘Copywriting Backwards’ course. I am finding it a very effective learning tool. It’s also very effective for keeping yourself organized and disciplined as you wrestle your own project to the ground. Money really well invested!

The 80/20 Of Copywriting

Patrick Williamson

If you’re a beginner and haven’t gone down the copywriting rabbit hole yet, then I recommend you learn copywriting from Bnonn before delving any further into this topic. Bnonn’s the best at teaching the 80/20 of copywriting so that a beginner can grasp and use this invaluable skill in their biz as quickly as possible.


Rashida Mustafa

I don’t want you to have this so I can have it all to myself ;)

Excellent information

Jeff M.

The info presented here is so good that even though I missed the early bird discount I feel perfectly fine with the price. If you don’t know the information presented in this course you’re at a huge disadvantage when it comes to communicating online. Highly recommended.

Great content, easy to understand


If you’re thinking about taking this course, stop thinking and take it. Incredibly valuable information presented way that is easy to understand and implement.

Get noticed & remembered for more sales

Richard Moore

A comprehensive Copywriting course which is a joy to learn. You will learn the essential lifelong skills of how to communicate deeply with your specific Audience. Give it time, immerse yourself in the brilliant teachings and change the way you communicate for better and forever. Empathy is the critical 21st century skill-you will learn this by the bucketful in Learn Copywriting Backwards.

Awesome, accessible service

Mick V.

You can read about the content from other folk. I want to call out Bnonn’s exemplary service. He is consistently accessible, accommodating, and all round really helpful. Great experience, highest recommendation.

I recommend it strongly

Steve Yoder

If you’re confused by the amount of layers and various components of the trunk line, this course will set you straight. Bnonn’s writing style and approach not only cuts to the chase, it makes the chase fun. “Click here” is lame. Find out why “Make me money” works so much better.


Phil Charles

Very detailed and comprehensive, highly recommended.